Are you counting down to Christmas? Because we are! The holidays are quickly approaching and our question for you is: Are you and your business ready to take advantage of this shopping season and create the best month for your business?

Today, we share with you a 3 quick tips on how you can best marketing your business during this holidays season.

Hosting giveaways on your Instagram

Who doesn’t love free gifts? Giveaways are a win-win for both you and your customers; they bring you a larger audience, and they give a lucky winner a free gift! December is the perfect month for giveaways because it shows off your generosity and excitement! (Bonus: Try out 12-days of giveaways for your audience).

When hosting your Giveaway, remember to have a full strategy from pre-giveaway to post-giveaway so that you don’t just give away FREE products or FREE services without a return on investment for your business. 

Gift Cards and Certificates

Now is the time to market all your retail items as ‘gifts’ and offer gift certificates for your services. The goal here is to entice customers to purchase your products/services as their holiday gifts to their loved ones. Now is the time to show-off why YOU are the BEST in the industry!

This is also a great opportunity to pre-sell your services and products in forms of gift cards & certificates so that you can bring more revenue into your business.

12 Days Of Christmas Promotion

What is a “12 Days Of Christmas Promotion” ? This is a strategy in which you keep your audience and your customers engage throughout the 12 days leading up to Christmas by giving them something to look forward to. 

You can do a Giveaway one day and a Flash Sale on another. You can also collaborate with other influencers in your area & local business to make your promotions more exciting and increase reach & exposure for your business during this period.

Holiday-Themed Photos

Get holiday-themed photos done and post photos of your store/salon all decorated for the holidays! This is the perfect way to showcase your holiday spirit and put smiles on your customer’s faces!

A Christmas theme photoshoot we've done for our client @khalmskincare

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