Much like the seasons, Instagram is buzzing with new changes! The social media platform loved by millions has rolled out a series of new updates since the start of the new year. The new and exciting features have captured our interest and we’re hoping to help guide you so that you can maneuver with ease! 

New Instagram Features 1
Reels InsightsOur team is pretty excited about this update in particular as you can now access insights for your reels’ performance.  The update gives you insights into interactions such as the number of plays, saves, shares, and more. It’s an exciting new update that you can measure and track performance. Source: @bowocreative
Improved AnalyticsInstagram is now allowing users to easily identify the number of accounts following your account and the accounts not following your profile based on reach. This is a useful tool to help you determine how many accounts outside your audience you were able to reach which is beneficial for your account’s growth.Source: @bowocreative
Pronouns in the bio This new feature highlights Instagram’s commitment to diversity and inclusion and our team applauds their efforts. You can add pronouns like she/her and he/him in your bio so your followers know how to address you.Source: @bowocreative
Long press: CarouselWe were recently stunned by this new change as it seemed as overnight this update took effect. At first, we were a bit confused as to how to add multiple photos but turns out it’s pretty easy. Simply, long press (hold) the photo that starts your carousel and you will instantly be given the option to select additional images.Source: @bowocreative
Caption Sticker for StoriesAfter testing with a few accounts, Instagram officially rolled out the caption in stories feature. The feature automatically turns your speech into words. Source: @bowocreative

Have you tried any of the new features? Let us know your thoughts on Instagram’s latest updates!

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