Whether you sell a product or service; new clients make the business-world-go-’round. We all want to expand our reach, it’s fun, exhilarating, and brings that feeling of accomplishment! But sometimes, it’s tricky to find them; and it’s even trickier to find NEW WAYS of attracting those new clients. So what happens when you’ve exhausted all your possible resources and simply cannot find new strategies for gaining new clients? 

If you’re sitting there, racking your brain to come up with ‘creative’ ideas; but only get stuck on the same “IG giveaway” idea… we’ve got you covered!

Just keep scrolling.



Okay, picture this: two powerful women join business forces to create a POWERFUL campaign that will benefit both businesses! Now, make it a reality. 

Find a business you admire that aligns with the product/service you’re selling and join forces. For example, if you are a hairstylist, perhaps you can team up with a nearby esthetician and set up a door prize in their office. Check this out, you can have the esthetician tell their clients; “anyone who books a facial this month will receive x% off haircuts at (your salon name).” 

This promotes your service but also gives her something to offer her clients!


Reviews speak louder than words.

Who doesn’t want good reviews? But also, who wants to leave reviews? There is no reason for a customer to leave you a review unless they are extremely satisfied or extremely dissatisfied with you. But what about all those in-betweeners. Let’s give them something to rave about!

Offer your past clients something simple like; a percentage discount, a free add-on, a free product sample, or anything your business can spare, in exchange for a review! This gives them something positive to talk about, and shows any potential clients that you are reliable, credible, and worth visiting!

At BOWO Creative, we offer an intensive Review Management System.

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call with us to learn more about how we can help your business gather more reviews, increase visibility & build credibility without you having to lift a finger.


Okay, let’s talk investment. Having a proper website and social media can make all the difference in the image you project to potential clients. How many times have you visited a website or social media and clicked out because the business looked unprofessional? 

Investing in your social media or website doesn’t have to be expensive either (we all have different budgets!). But it can be anything from; a simple yet professional photoshoot (to have proper photos to showcase), to a social media manager, to paid social media ads, to a website revamp, or even a full re-brand.

Good news for you though! We offer all of those services! So you don’t have to worry about shopping around to find different teams for different tasks. Our team is well-equipped with social media and marketing expertise to help find the perfect strategies to help your business thrive. 

Did we mention we offer FREE discovery calls? Check it out here.

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