This month’s Boss of August is Elsi Pacheco! We wanted to discuss her success as a female entrepreneur during this pandemic. Elsi is the creator of her own brand development company. In which, she takes pride helping entrepreneurs avoid many pitfalls leading them to success with peace of mind. With core values like; creativity, honesty, and professionalism, Elsi is DOMINATING her field! ⁠And we wanted to get to know her better, check out her interview below:

Tell us about your career journey

My journey started at 13 years old believe it or not! I say that because my first job was in a restaurant serving people and bringing them joy, and I continue to do so today. Back then, I knew I wanted to work in a field that allowed me to bring joy to folks and use my skills as a social butterfly.

From my hospitality years, I took those skills and transitioned into customer service and public relations for 13 years. It was then that I realized I was meant for something else. The chance came for me to take an early buyout, sort of like retiring, and after a lot of deliberating and talking to my mom, I went for it. I took the buyout and started my own event marketing company known as BB Galas back in the day. After some time, I was approached to help market LARGE events, 25K plus, events all over the world in 2010, and that is when I landed my very first 5 figure contract as a solopreneur! It was a very proud moment that I did not take lightly.

After a few years, I was offered the position as global marketing director. But, there was a catch; I had to become their employee to do so. I was reluctant to do so after so many years of being on my “own,” but the lure of insurance and 401k won at the end. Until it didn’t. Things shifted very quickly as far as expectations and how I lived my personal life, and once again, I was faced with the choice of whether I go or stay. And in 2018, I did it again, I left a position that no longer served me as a person and in my career, and I bet on myself! I spent a VERY scary few months building my brand and my business. Many nights I cried myself to sleep, wondering if I did the right thing.  All the branding, sharing my story, and expertise as a brand development and website specialist started paying off all my hard work!

I started booking clients and growing by word of mouth, and the 6+ salary I left (for the 2nd time) I made up in under a year! I’m proud to have launched my new brand agency company Link Up Level Up this year and excited for whats to come. 

If you have any advice to offer your younger self, what would it be? 

Invest invest invest!! I started bartending when I was super young, and I spent my money like most 17-year-olds that have access to too much and have no clue what to do with it. If I could go back I’d save more and make the money work for me!

How did you navigate staying motivated during the pandemic?

Truth be told, that was- like most- one of the most challenging moments in life. My true motivations were my clients and all the help they needed to transition more into the digital space. I knew I could not break down because they may not survive shifting to a digital space for their business if I did. It wasn’t easy and it almost dang near did break me BUT my clients thrived during the pandemic as I helped them navigate new digital campaigns and sales.

What does your daily routine look like?

I have to be honest here even though I DO want to say “Oh I wake up at 5 am, meditate, workout…” But that’s all in my head lol! I am a night owl by nature so my early days start at about 7 am. Then I spend time with my 14-year-old doggie and show him all the loving in the world that I can while I still can. Hubby makes me coffee every day, and we spend our mornings go over what our upcoming day is looking like. I then go into my social media engagement and check my emails and get ready for the day ahead. As most of us I have my daily check-ins with my clients, odds are high I’m working on someone’s website or multiple, and I’m loving on myself as much as I can!

I DO add in a ride with peloton but at my leisure haha! Also no matter how busy I am, or drained I make sure to make a nice meal every evening (5 nights a week on average lol) and catch up with my husband over a nice glass of wine. 

To learn more about this powerful babe, check her out @elsimpacheco or her website here! Be sure to read some of our past interviews with inspiring bosses here!

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