In honour of National Creativity Day, we are celebrating TWO creative bosses this month! Bowo Creative would like to feature Evanna and Christine as our bosses of May!

Christine and Evanna are two high school friends for 20+ years raising 4 kids. Living just two streets apart from each other in the Greater Toronto Area. They are working full time moms and co-founders of PetiteVie Masks. Since 2014, PetiteVie has been consistent as a lifestyle + motherhood blog. Christine and Evanna know how exhausting life can be as full-time working moms raising kids, this is why they have created easy life hacks for parents so they can save time for themselves, either it be knitting, running or picking up a new circuit machine! PetiteVie is here to make Motherhood easier. 

We decided to sit down and ask our bosses of May some questions to get the inside scoop on their success as bloggers!

Can you tell us about your career journey?

PetiteVie was originally “Petite and Pretty” blogging about lifestyle and travels. As our life evolves into motherhood we decided to rename our blog to “PetiteiVie” which means “small life” . We wanted to show that we can be mothers and be able to put our children first but still have time to enjoy what we like before kids. Christine and I both are full time working moms and run our lifestyle blog, we also co-founded PetiteVie Masks during the pandemic providing the most comfortable, breathable masks for adults and kids in Canada. 

Who do you feel has had the biggest impact/influence on you today?

I would say Chriselle lim, I’ve been following for a while and I find her so admirable. She is exactly where I strive to be, being a mother and entrepreneur. Above all, she still has time for self-care which is so important. Since the pandemic, it was truly the toughest time for parenting. Everything was locked-down, with so many uncertainties, it was very hard to navigate through parenting while being 8 months pregnant with a 3 year old daughter. 2 years later I still can’t believe I’ve survived that. #womenarestrong

 “We wanted to show that we can be mothers and be able to put our children first but still have time to enjoy what we like before kids.”

evanna & Christine

What keeps you motivated?

Our children! We are working hard for them. We want to set an example for them that moms are super human. Christine and I want to create a brand that we are proud of, something we can tell our kids when they are older. We want our kids to be proud of us. 

What do you see as your next steps for the future of PetiteVie?

Exciting things are happening! We will be focusing more on motherhood – tips and hacks. We are also creating our own mother/daughter and father/son matching active clothing line! We are still in the very early stages, but we are excited about what is to come. 

PetiteVie Masks

To keep up with their journey, visit @HelloPetiteVie on Instagram!

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