Virtual Social Media & Digital Marketing Consulting

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    Looking for expert opinions on social media & digital marketing strategies to implement for your beauty brands?

    Book your virtual social media & digital marketing consulting session with us!

    ***After purchasing the Strategy Session, you will automatically receive a link in your email to book a call with us***

    What is Strategy Call?

    A full 60-minute call with a digital & marketing expert in your industry to audit your current online and social media presence and consult you on the practical and actionable items to do as soon as possible to help you.

    Think of a “Social Media & Digital Marketing Coaching” session without paying the price tag of a coach and with no long-term commitment.

    Who is it for?

    Brand new entrepreneurs with limited budgets but willing to put in the work to level up their marketing & make it work for their business.

    What’s included?

    1. A FREE audit of your overall digital marketing & social media status
    2. A ONE-hour one-on-one session with our experts and walk away with strategies & recommendations that are 100% customized for your business
    3. A BONUS follow-up call after seven DAYS to follow up on your progress and to answer any questions you might have

    What to expect?

    1. Clarity & a strong understanding of how digital marketing and social media marketing can be your strongest tool to grow and scale your business

    2. Easy to do & actionable items that you can rinse and repeat to get your marketing started

    3. Learn how to understand the analytics and measure your results

    What’s in it for us?

    With these strategies sessions, we have been able to help countless brand-new and/or solo business owners like yourself to get a head start with their marketing and take control of their business with long-term and sustainable results. We hope you can walk away with these suggestions and apply them so your business can be booked and busy. You then can have the budget to hire an agency (AKA BOWO CREATIVE) to help you with all the marketing-related tasks so you can focus on scaling your successful beauty business. It is a win-win at the end of the day!

    ***After purchasing the Strategy Session, you will automatically receive a link in your email to book a call with us***


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