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Need help with building a meaningful brand & tell your story?

Every interaction with your brand should have your ideal clients say "Yes! I want more of YOU in my life."

Your brand is more than just pretty pictures. A strong brand voice & brand design shows your audience who you are and why they should want to know about you, why they should work with you. Your brand is an outward reflection of your inner soul & a direct reflection of your business.

If you are looking for a fresh way of presenting a new brand or even creating your brand identity, we’d love to chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will conduct an overall audit on all of your online marketing effort & identify the bottle necks that are preventing your brand from reaching more people & getting more attention.

It is a 1-on-1 strategy session with one of our branding experts via zoom or Google Meet. During this call (60 minutes), we will answer all questions & concerns that you have when it comes to growing a brand & building your business online. It’s a coaching session where we help you use the assets & tools that are available to you to grow your business with a holistic approach to digital & online marketing such as:

  • SEO tips
  • Instagram growth hacks
  • How to optimize your social media
  • How to collect more emails to your email list
  • How to take advantage of paid ads
  • And many more…

An average timeline of 3 – 6 weeks is expected to finish a branding package. The project timeline depends on which package you choose & how responsive you are when we reach out for approval & revision.

Each stage of the project will includes 2 rounds of revision. Any extra changes will be conducted at an extra cost of $30 – $55/ an hour depending on the tasks involved.



This FREE E-BOOK will help you navigate Instagram and leverage Instagram to gain more customers, grow a loyal community of fans, and scale your business.