Karin is the owner and lead planner of Karin Wu & Co., and creator of the Set To Wed Playbook. 

Born in Hong Kong, she grew up in Canada and now resides in a suburb north of Toronto. She is an adventure seeker, constantly looking for ways to challenge herself in exciting ways, whether it be down the slopes of Whistler Mountain on her snowboard, or trekking through the Sahara desert on camelback. Her career growth has taken her from her beginnings in supply chain & logistics, into project management where she found a challenging and rewarding role that she would excel at. Using the skills she gained from project management, she applied those towards something that she’s always been interested in: wedding planning. In a short time she found success in that field, delivering many memorable events, and making a name for herself in the highly competitive wedding industry!

Since the pandemic, Karin has shifted her focus to invest in herself and finally build out her passion project, the Set To Wed Playbook, empowering couples to be able to plan their entire wedding from start to finish without the overwhelm and stress, while saving time and money. After her personal experience in planning her friend’s wedding, she found that there was no one-stop-shop resource for everything wedding-related helping couples plan their wedding. 

Today, Karin has been featured in various wedding publications such as Today’s Bride MagazineEventsourceWedLuxeVineyard Bride, and more!

We sat down with Karin to ask her more questions about being a boss in the industry!

Tell us about your career journey

I started in Logistics for a few years and transitioned into project coordination, where I learned the ropes and worked my way up to being a Project Manager, which is what I continue to do to this day. In 2016, my best friend asked me to be her Maid of Honour and be her planner. I was a Project Manager by day from my corporate job, but I had known nothing about weddings and what coordination entails. I decided to enroll in the most respectable Wedding Planners Institute of Canada to get more insight on how to plan a wedding and a deeper dive into the wedding industry. Since then I fell in love with being able to help couples alleviate the overwhelm and stress when it comes to planning their wedding.

 If you have any advice to offer your younger self what would it be? 

I would tell my younger self to keep striving for the dream and not to worry about how others think and view me. 

How did you navigate staying motivated during the pandemic?

Some days are hard especially when there are so many distractions at home. To stay focused and motivated, I like to keep envisioning where I want to be in life and what that looks like. Launching my new digital product, the Set To Wed Playbook, motivates me to keep on going because of the impact it will have empowering engaged couples to stop struggling with the wedding planning journey and actually enjoy the entire experience.

What does your daily routine look like?

I start my morning with a guided meditation, run with my partner for 30 minutes, take Augie (our little Frenchie) to go potty, make breakfast, shower, then start to work. My day typically consists of juggling work between my full-time job and my wedding business, and I have set boundaries for myself where I stop working around 6 pm. Weeknights and Sundays are considered my time off to be able to spend time with my family, my partner, and Augie.

To follow Karin’s journey visit @karinwuandco

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