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We are an international premier full-stack digital marketing agency for medical aesthetic clinics, beauty entrepreneurs, and beauty salons. We help business owners like you build a strategic online presence, manage social media channels, optimize web presence and understand how to use social media and digital marketing to achieve your goals.



Beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow. Our company helps beauty entrepreneurs and businesses with social media, digital marketing, and advertising.  Every member of our team has years of experience & track records in the beauty industry as well as managing beauty accounts. 

Save your time training & working with a general marketing agency and let us be your marketing partner. We understand medical terms, skincare ingredients. We speak your language! 

We serve clients from all over North America & Asia.

Our team of diversified ethnicity & global experience brings fresh & special perspectives to help our clients elevate their strategy & stay ahead of the game.

We understand that social media marketing is more than just beautiful branding, aesthetically pleasing social post and viral content.

We build custom & holistic strategies that will help our clients grow a strong marketing machine to support their business revenue, improve ROI & increase conversion rate.

We are more than just an agency. We are your marketing partner. We provide on-going support with your overall marketing & sale strategy.

We strongly believe that empowered women empower other women.

Our goal is to help every female business owner/entrepreneur we work with feel confident & empowered that they have a POWER TEAM and a POWERFUL ONLINE MARKETING MACHINE behind them to support their business growth & their success.

a unique approach


Your beauty business is unique and deserves a customized approach that aligns with your brand & your values. At BOWO, we create custom strategies that tie all of your marketing efforts to serve a common goal – YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH.

We got your back! So you can WOW your clients.



Your business needs YOU. Your team needs YOU. Let us be your marketing partner so YOU can focus on being the CEO that you were born to be & build your empire!

BOWO is led by experienced social media managers, brand strategists, and paid advertisement experts who understand your industry and have what it takes to take your brand & your business to the next level.

We want YOU to FOCUS on your 80% revenue-generating tasks, NOT spending hours trying to stand out on social media.


FarahFranchise Owner of Blo Dry Bar
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"I worked with Tracey and her team to help me manage my business’ social media accounts including content creation, strategy and posting. Everyone on the team was a pleasure to work, kind & patient and very organized. Thank you BOWO for supporting my small businesses and teaching me useful skills that I can use to grow them :)."
YasminFounder of Khalm Skincare
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"BOWO has been a great company to work with. They bring knowledge and experience that we need in social media management and content development. Tracey and her team are creative and responsive as well."
QueenieOwner of GMA Clinic
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“Tracey is very hardworking and always on top of everything. Tracey has been extremely helpful with the growth of my business. We would definitely recommend her to other business owners and anyone else who would benefit from her services!”
MARCIAInterior Designer
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“Working with Tracey has not only been an absolute pleasure, but it has also been productive and result-producing. She has made the whole experience of social media more accessible and understandable. I would go so far as to say that Tracey is a secret weapon if you are looking to expand your social footprint and I can not thank her enough."
MelissaGLO Laser & Skin Studio
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"Tracey has been so forthcoming and supportive right from the beginning. She educates you every step of the way and prioritizes your needs! When it comes to my business I am extremely cautious on who I hire, but I had no second thoughts with Tracey and her team! I was lucky enough to have the BOWO team revamp my website. They did such an amazing job, and had the project outlined in a very organized manner. The traffic to my website has significantly increased since they completed the project! Thank you!!"




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